Questions that Every Long Term Traveler Hates

Posted on 25 September 2018 (0)

Long term travelers are tolerant persons because they are used to meeting and interacting with different kinds of people. But there are questions that are bound to get on the nerves of most long term travelers. A gentlemen I met traveling once that owns a gutter services company once gave me some questions and tips to think over about long term traveling, and well here are some of those tips and questions.

How Many Destinations Have You Traveled to?

Depending on the context, this question can annoy a long term traveler. Generally, this question tends to be flattering at some point when asked by an awe-struck acquaintance. That’s because it allows a traveler a chance to show off. However, trouble comes in when several competitive travelers are together with each trying to show off.

Which is Your Favorite Destination?

For a long term traveler, the next destination is their best. Some destinations are best suited to the needs of a person than others. However, long term travelers feel at home when traveling.

Are You Not Feeling Old for Traveling?

When traveling, you meet young travelers in their twenties and old travelers in their eighties. All these are out to have fun and adventure. As such, age is not an issue when it comes to traveling. When you set your mind on traveling, it doesn’t matter whether you have crisscrossed legs with varicose veins or a wrinkled face. The human brain can’t be too old to organize a vacation.

Where do you want to be in the Next Five years?

A traveler doesn’t need to know where they will be in the next day or year. They can be in Thai today and in Japan tomorrow. Their goal is to explore and enjoy life at different destinations.

Do You Mind that Family and Friends Miss You?

This is an annoying question because the answer is obvious. Long term travelers miss weddings, graduations and birthdays. But, they need traveling to fulfill their dreams. Asking a long term traveler this question brings insecurity while making the traveler weep inside.

Do You Intend to Get a Real Job?

To a long term traveler, all jobs are real. Whether it’s teaching English in a remote village in South East Asia or travel blogging, it’s all about what a person loves.

When Do You Intend to Settle Down?

A long term traveler can get married, commitment themselves to a full-time job and buy a home. However, this won’t change who they are. Therefore, ask a long term traveler this question cautiously if you do not want to make them angry, sad, or unacceptably emotional.

To avoid hurting a long term traveler, ask these questions cautiously or avoid them altogether.

Practical Travel Tips from Seasoned Travelers

Posted on 19 July 2021 (0)

Seasoned travelers spend a lot of their time on the road. That means they know a thing or two they can share with beginner travelers. If considering traveling the world, here are practical tips from seasoned travelers that might help you.

Research is Vital

Before leaving your home and heading out to a place away from home, use the internet to research it. Your research should entail finding out what you can do at your travel destination and the things you can see while away. Also, know the entry requirements for your destination country. That way, you can easily prepare for the arrival and stay at your destination.

Travel Light

Lt packing enables you to expedite airport entrance and departure. That’s because you won’t have many things to go through the security check. What’s more, you avoid dragging heavy luggage around the airport or train station. Therefore, try to pack light whenever you travel.

Protect Documentation

You will need documents like an ID or passport to prove your identity. Ideally, you will carry travel documents in hard copies. However, scan and send them to your email too. That way, you can have a relatively more straightforward time replacing the papers if you lose them.

Use ATMs to Access Your Money

Instead of exchanging your money for local currency, use ATMs within your network upon arrival at your destination. Most financial institutions provide reasonable exchange rates than individuals that may claim to exchange currencies.

Share Your Travel Plans

Before leaving home, talk to friends or relatives about your travel plans to ensure that they know where you’re going and the duration you will stay there. At the same time, share your itinerary with somebody at the hotel where you’ll be staying. You can even include details of the person the hotel attendant can contact in case of an emergency. That way, you can quickly get assistance when or if you need it.

In addition to these tips, relax and enjoy the trip. After all, that’s the main reason for traveling.

Things to Include in Business Travel Checklist

Posted on 17 December 2020 (0)

Organizing a business trip is not easy. That’s because business travel requires careful planning. You must include certain things in your business travel checklist to make your trip successful. Here are the basic things to include in a business travel checklist. 


Traveling to a new destination is a disorienting experience. That’s because it’s an unfamiliar location where you might not speak the native language. What’s more, you might be moving from one place to another. As such, producing an itinerary is important. Your business travel itinerary should include: 

  • Likely weather 
  • Hotels arrival and departure times 
  • Travel connections 
  • Business meeting plans 
  • Day-time travels 

Expert’s Help 

In addition to online assistant services, you need help from professional travel agents. These can provide useful information about your travel destination. Their knowledge can make your business trip more successful. 

Travel Folder 

Create a travel folder that includes information that you may want to know when traveling. It should also include travel guidelines and your itinerary. What’s more, it should include local information. This can include information about places that you can visit while on a business trip, restaurants, and dialing codes. What’s more, include advice and tips that you come across when researching about business travel. 

Backup Copies 

Mishaps can happen to any business traveler. For instance, your passport can be stolen. You can lose your luggage. Having contingency plans will enable you to remain in control if the worst happens. 

Keeping backup copies can help you get replacements with ease. You can also cancel the lost items like credit cards. 

In addition to having these things in your checklist, make sure that you know your location properly. This means taking the time to research your location. Find out more about places where you can stay and things you can do. And, be ready for the worst even when you plan your trip extensively.

5 Reasons to Travel with a Loved One

Posted on 31 July 2020 (0)

Solo travel can be amazing for some people. It provides a chance to get away from the ordinary people, places, and routine. It’s an opportunity to reflect and rejuvenate. But, traveling with a loved one has its perks too. Some people can’t even imagine traveling alone. Here are some of the major reasons why you should travel with a loved one. 

  • Creating Fun Memories 

Traveling with a loved one provides a chance to have fun and create lasting memories. You spend quality time together and preserve memories that can last a lifetime. When you travel with a person you love, you can always talk about your experiences away from home. This is not the case when you travel alone. You only meet strangers and share stories with people that can only imagine. 

  • Creating a Strong Bond 

When you travel with a loved one, you overcome many challenges together. This can enhance your overall bonding experience. For instance, you can overcome a language barrier challenge together. You can also overcome your fears of traveling to a place you’ve never been to together. This can strengthen your bond as a couple. 

  • Sharing New Foods 

One of the most important things that people do whenever they travel to new places is to taste new foods. When you travel with a loved one, you can share a plate as you taste new food. The looks on your faces can be amazing. It can even be something you will talk about for years after the trip. 

  • Keeping Your Loved One in Check 

People have different traits. Some individuals are angered by minor things. Others feel stressed for small things like a delay in service delivery. When you travel with your partner, you go with somebody that knows your character. Such a person can keep your emotions in check. And, this can make your overall travel experience better. 

  • Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Together 

Traveling together gives you a chance to step out of your comfort zone and explore the world together. You try new things together and become more adventurous. You can even encourage each other to try things that seem scary. This can shape the memories that you will share for the rest of your lives. 

Solo travel may seem great for some people. However, traveling with a loved one is also amazing. If you plan to go on a trip, consider traveling with a loved one.  

How to Travel During the Flu Season

Posted on 29 March 2020 (0)

The flu season is usually a scare to many travelers due to its high rates of infection and transmission. However, you can still enjoy remarkable trips during the flu season if you know how to stay healthy from the infection. The following are useful guidelines for staying healthy when traveling during the flu season. 

Get a Flu Vaccine 

It is never too late to get a flu vaccine if you are planning to travel during the flu season. The vaccine will empower your immune system to withstand the flu virus throughout your trips across the world. You should take the vaccine about one or two weeks before departure. To ensure the efficacy of the vaccine, it is also advisable to take zinc. 

Carry Flu Medications 

Even if you have not caught the flu at the time of departure, it is recommended that you pack some medications for safety. Some of the best medications that you should pack when traveling during the flu season include zinc lozenges, Vitamin C and painkillers. However, you may also talk to a doctor to prescribe medications for you. 

Keep Your Body Hydrated 

One of the best ways to avoid getting sick during flights is by drinking plenty of water. Before departure, make sure you fill up your water bottle with fresh drinking water and take lots of it on the flight. 

Avoid Close Contact with Sick People 

Flu can easily spread whenever an infected person coughs or sneezes. Therefore, you should be careful not to get too close when interacting with people who have flu on the plane or at the airport. Proper hand hygiene is also critical to keep you from contracting the flu virus. 

No one ever wants to get sick, especially during a trip. But, it could still happen. For your health and that of other travelers, always observe the above guidelines when traveling during the flu season. 

Non-Obvious Ways to Travel the World for Free

Posted on 25 November 2019 (0)

If you don’t have enough funds and still want to tour the world, there are many options to consider. The major among them include the following:

Taking up a Job as Crew Member in a Cruise ship

There are many jobs available on a cruise ship in fields of entertainment, accounting, kitchen chores, security, etc. Most cruise ship companies advertise these posts on their websites. Therefore, check there to see if there are opportunities that might interest you. This helps you travel to the destinations you aspire while earning money in the process.

Get a Travel Scholarship

If you are on campus, there are government-funded programs for students that wish to study abroad. If you get such a grant, you can travel the world while studying in one of the best learning institutions in another country. 

Get a Car Transport Job

Many people use cars to travel to different places. If you love driving, you can get a driver’s job. Such a job will enable you to travel to different places for free as you take your clients there.


You could approach a group of people or a person driving in the same direction as you for a ride. If lucky to get a person that’s willing to travel with you, they may give you a chance to travel locally for free.

Trade Labor for Hostel Cost

When you finally reach your destination, it is possible to negotiate an exchange for hostel cost with labor. If the deal works, you can get free accommodation and travel to different places during your free time. 

Get Some Casual Job

While abroad, you can make ends meet by picking short term jobs such as fruit picking, bartender, or waitress/ waiter for sustenance. You can, therefore, work your way around the world by taking up such jobs.

Take Part in Contests

Nowadays, there are many travel contests up for grabs. For instance, travel writing or photography contests can win a paid trip abroad.

Become a Tour Guide

With this job, you’re almost guaranteed to travel widely for free. That’s because you will go to many places showing tourists around.

These are some of the non-obvious ways you can travel the world for free. If you wish to travel but have limited resources, try some of these to see if you’re lucky to travel the world for free.