Questions that Every Long Term Traveler Hates

Posted on 25 September 2018 (0)

Long term travelers are tolerant persons because they are used to meeting and interacting with different kinds of people. But there are questions that are bound to get on the nerves of most long term travelers. A gentlemen I met traveling once that owns a gutter services company once gave me some questions and tips to think over about long term traveling, and well here are some of those tips and questions.

How Many Destinations Have You Traveled to?

Depending on the context, this question can annoy a long term traveler. Generally, this question tends to be flattering at some point when asked by an awe-struck acquaintance. That’s because it allows a traveler a chance to show off. However, trouble comes in when several competitive travelers are together with each trying to show off.

Which is Your Favorite Destination?

For a long term traveler, the next destination is their best. Some destinations are best suited to the needs of a person than others. However, long term travelers feel at home when traveling.

Are You Not Feeling Old for Traveling?

When traveling, you meet young travelers in their twenties and old travelers in their eighties. All these are out to have fun and adventure. As such, age is not an issue when it comes to traveling. When you set your mind on traveling, it doesn’t matter whether you have crisscrossed legs with varicose veins or a wrinkled face. The human brain can’t be too old to organize a vacation.

Where do you want to be in the Next Five years?

A traveler doesn’t need to know where they will be in the next day or year. They can be in Thai today and in Japan tomorrow. Their goal is to explore and enjoy life at different destinations.

Do You Mind that Family and Friends Miss You?

This is an annoying question because the answer is obvious. Long term travelers miss weddings, graduations and birthdays. But, they need traveling to fulfill their dreams. Asking a long term traveler this question brings insecurity while making the traveler weep inside.

Do You Intend to Get a Real Job?

To a long term traveler, all jobs are real. Whether it’s teaching English in a remote village in South East Asia or travel blogging, it’s all about what a person loves.

When Do You Intend to Settle Down?

A long term traveler can get married, commitment themselves to a full-time job and buy a home. However, this won’t change who they are. Therefore, ask a long term traveler this question cautiously if you do not want to make them angry, sad, or unacceptably emotional.

To avoid hurting a long term traveler, ask these questions cautiously or avoid them altogether.

Tips for Traveling with Cancer

Posted on 06 April 2019 (0)

Everybody loves traveling even people with cancer. But, just like other diseases, cancer patients should take precautions when traveling. Here are tips to guide you if you or a loved one suffers from cancer and you want to travel.

Talk to Your Doctor

Before you travel, see your doctor. Your doctor will determine if traveling is safe for you. They will also guide you on the precautions to take when traveling. If you fall sick, your doctor will guide you on what to do. They will also recommend vaccinations and the travel insurance to take before you travel.

Research Your Travel Destination

Your immune system can be weakened by cancer treatments like radiation therapy, steroid therapy and chemotherapy. These can also limit vaccinations’ effectiveness. When traveling to some places, cancer patients are advised to receive certain vaccinations. Therefore, conduct some research to know the vaccinations that you should receive depending on your travel destination.

Protect Your Skin

Radiation therapy and chemotherapy can make your skin sensitive to damage by the sun. It’s therefore advisable that you protect your skin when you travel. Ideally, avoid exposing your skin to direct sun when traveling.

Take Care of Your Medication

Treat your prescription medication carefully. Keep them in the carry-on bag and have enough medication to last your entire trip. Also have a note from your doctor to explain your special supplies.

Take Precaution

Cancer patients should take health precautions whether traveling or not. That’s because they undergo treatments that can compromise their immune systems. Therefore, they should always take health precautions to avoid things that can comprise their systems further.

In addition to these tips, it’s important to buy travel insurance. This will enable you to get any assistance you may need while traveling. Also keep in touch with your doctor in case you develop complications while traveling.

The Ultimate Checklist When Choosing Travel Insurance

Posted on 16 October 2018 (0)

When it comes to choosing travel insurance, you want to get the most out of your policy. However, determining the most appropriate cover for you can be overwhelming. Here are tips to help you determine which travel insurance policy is ideal for you.

Does it Cover All Your Destinations?

If you intend to go on holiday to a single destination, determining whether a policy is ideal for you might be easy. However, if you intend to travel to several destinations, ensure that the policy covers them all. Make sure that the covered destinations include all places that you want to stop over or visit as part of your tour or trip.

Does the Insurance Policy Provide the Right Medical Cover Level?

Understanding the medical cover level and circumstances under which the cover applies is very important. It’s also important that you confirm that your travel insurance covers a pre-existing condition that you might have. What’s more, know the excesses that you may have to pay before you buy the insurance.

How Much Belongings and Baggage Does the Insurance Cover?

In most cases, travel insurance covers some personal belongings. However, it’s important that you know the level of coverage for personal belongings that the insurance provides. Is it sufficient to protect your belongings and baggage? If not, consider upgrading or changing the policy.

Does the Insurance Cover Cancellations?

If you cancel your trip, will you get your money back? Unexpected events can lead to the cancellation of a trip. It’s important to know whether the travel insurance that you choose covers trip cancellation. You might be allowed to claim the funds for the cancelled flight, car hire, accommodation, and tour bookings among others with some policies.

Activities and Sports

Will you be covered by your travel insurance if you are injured while traveling or engaging in certain activities? Activities like water rafting and motorcycling come with some risks. If you intend to engage in such activities, find out whether your travel insurance will cover you.

This is not a definitive checklist for choosing travel insurance. However, it should give you ideas on the areas to look when buying your travel insurance policy.

Things to Do When You Don’t Enjoy Travel

Posted on 05 October 2018 (0)

You have taken time to plan your travel, booked a flight, researched hostels, and signed up for tours. You even have a properly worked out itinerary. But, despite all this, you may discover that your travel destination is not what you thought. You simply do not like it upon arrival. So, what do you do?

Here are some of the things that you can do when you don’t enjoy travel.

Spend More Time in a Hostel

If you are not in a hostel, move to one and stay there in a common room. You will easily make friends that will pull you out of the slump. You can go out with your new friends and talk about life. This will distract you and lift up your mood.

Go on a Tour

Keeping yourself busy is one of the best ways to lift up your mood. Therefore, sign up for a properly planned tour around the city. You can go on a street art tour, river cruise, or attend a cooking class. You can connect with other travelers during the tour and become long term friends. A tour will easily distract you from the travel slump.

Don’t Rush to Leave the Place

If you realize that you don’t enjoy your trip to a destination, you might be tempted to rush and tick off all sites and activities. However, this can easily lead to burnout. Thus, you might end up not enjoying your travel even more. Therefore, take things slowly and stick to your itinerary or alter it a little.

Focus on Your Goal

What did you want to achieve by traveling to your destination? Focus on what prompted you to travel to the destination and aim at achieving it. Maybe you want to immerse into the culture of the destination, make friends, or visit some attractions. Whatever it is, start to make it happen.

Sometimes, a travel destination is not what you think it is. However, this is not a reason to give up or make you feel like you are a failure. Instead, focus on doing your best to make every moment of your trip count. For more tips on a similar subject check out this blog I found here.

Madeira, the Portuguese Island you must Visit

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If you’re looking for an amazing holiday destination this year and the years to come, Madeira should come top of your bucket list. Of course, the Portuguese Island doesn’t come so easily on many people’s radars because it’s thought of as an exotic place for the over 50 to go and retire. The truth is that it’s a perfect destination for all ages alike. Geographically, Madeira seems to be located closer to the African content than it is to Europe. However, the island is part of Portugal and is about four hours from Paris and London by air.

Those who’ve traveled and vacationed here often compare this subtropical island to Hawaii for its beautiful coastline, spectacular volcanic landscapes, jaw-dropping beaches, and natural beauty. The sub-tropical archipelago remains a top travel destinations for European travelers. Here’s why Madeira is a must-visit destination.

Plunge into Black Lava Pools

Today, getting to the bathing pools of Porto Moniz is much easier and faster due to the network of highways and tunnels that have been built through the island. It should take you approximately 50 minutes to reach the site from Madeira’s capital, Funchal. At Porto Moniz, travelers can explore the formation of spiky rings of black lava rock while enjoying the world’s weirdest yet beautiful swimming baths.

Soak up the Rays on Porto Santo

At first, you might think there’s no paradise for you since you can’t see any beach on Madeira. Well, you haven’t gone to Porto Santo, Madeira’s sister island. At Porto Santo, you have a six-mile stretch of golden, beautiful sand to explore while soaking up the rays. Don’t forget to visit the one-time home of Christopher Columbus on the little, sleepy harbor town on this island.

Get Tropical at the Farmers’ Market

Mercado dos Lavradores in the island’s capital features the farmer’s market where travelers fall in love with everything happening on site. From interacting with fish merchants trying to wield machetes to cut through torpedo-sized tuna to merchants selling flowers while wearing traditional clothes with rainbow hues. You’ll certainly fall in love with the spectacle at the market. You can’t miss out on the fish and fruits here. They are the two major attractions at the market.

Enjoy Michelin-starred Madeira

The restaurants on this island are fast building a gourmet reputation across the world for their fancy dishes. You, therefore, can’t go wrong with the local cuisine in Madeira. In other words, you’ll be eating from some of the world’s best hotels and restaurants. To enjoy a memorable meal, head to Faja dos padres or Cliff Bay hotel. Reaching these restaurants and more others shouldn’t be a problem.

Discover Madeira’s Rich History

The Portuguese navigators discovered the sub-tropical archipelago in 1419 before colonizing it in 1425. It’s at the time of colonization that the navigators built the levadas before farming started. The island has a rich history of producing sugar to all Europe before becoming a key location for wine production. These are some of the highlights about the rich history the island has to offer.