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Madeira, the Portuguese Island you must Visit

Posted on 16 September 2018 by (0)

If you’re looking for an amazing holiday destination this year and the years to come, Madeira should come top of your bucket list. Of course, the Portuguese Island doesn’t come so easily on many people’s radars because it’s thought of as an exotic place for the over 50 to go and retire. The truth is that it’s a perfect destination for all ages alike. Geographically, Madeira seems to be located closer to the African content than it is to Europe. However, the island is part of Portugal and is about four hours from Paris and London by air.

Those who’ve traveled and vacationed here often compare this subtropical island to Hawaii for its beautiful coastline, spectacular volcanic landscapes, jaw-dropping beaches, and natural beauty. The sub-tropical archipelago remains a top travel destinations for European travelers. Here’s why Madeira is a must-visit destination.

Plunge into Black Lava Pools

Today, getting to the bathing pools of Porto Moniz is much easier and faster due to the network of highways and tunnels that have been built through the island. It should take you approximately 50 minutes to reach the site from Madeira’s capital, Funchal. At Porto Moniz, travelers can explore the formation of spiky rings of black lava rock while enjoying the world’s weirdest yet beautiful swimming baths.

Soak up the Rays on Porto Santo

At first, you might think there’s no paradise for you since you can’t see any beach on Madeira. Well, you haven’t gone to Porto Santo, Madeira’s sister island. At Porto Santo, you have a six-mile stretch of golden, beautiful sand to explore while soaking up the rays. Don’t forget to visit the one-time home of Christopher Columbus on the little, sleepy harbor town on this island.

Get Tropical at the Farmers’ Market

Mercado dos Lavradores in the island’s capital features the farmer’s market where travelers fall in love with everything happening on site. From interacting with fish merchants trying to wield machetes to cut through torpedo-sized tuna to merchants selling flowers while wearing traditional clothes with rainbow hues. You’ll certainly fall in love with the spectacle at the market. You can’t miss out on the fish and fruits here. They are the two major attractions at the market.

Enjoy Michelin-starred Madeira

The restaurants on this island are fast building a gourmet reputation across the world for their fancy dishes. You, therefore, can’t go wrong with the local cuisine in Madeira. In other words, you’ll be eating from some of the world’s best hotels and restaurants. To enjoy a memorable meal, head to Faja dos padres or Cliff Bay hotel. Reaching these restaurants and more others shouldn’t be a problem.

Discover Madeira’s Rich History

The Portuguese navigators discovered the sub-tropical archipelago in 1419 before colonizing it in 1425. It’s at the time of colonization that the navigators built the levadas before farming started. The island has a rich history of producing sugar to all Europe before becoming a key location for wine production. These are some of the highlights about the rich history the island has to offer.

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