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Non-Obvious Ways to Travel the World for Free

Posted on 25 November 2019 by (0)

If you don’t have enough funds and still want to tour the world, there are many options to consider. The major among them include the following:

Taking up a Job as Crew Member in a Cruise ship

There are many jobs available on a cruise ship in fields of entertainment, accounting, kitchen chores, security, etc. Most cruise ship companies advertise these posts on their websites. Therefore, check there to see if there are opportunities that might interest you. This helps you travel to the destinations you aspire while earning money in the process.

Get a Travel Scholarship

If you are on campus, there are government-funded programs for students that wish to study abroad. If you get such a grant, you can travel the world while studying in one of the best learning institutions in another country. 

Get a Car Transport Job

Many people use cars to travel to different places. If you love driving, you can get a driver’s job. Such a job will enable you to travel to different places for free as you take your clients there.


You could approach a group of people or a person driving in the same direction as you for a ride. If lucky to get a person that’s willing to travel with you, they may give you a chance to travel locally for free.

Trade Labor for Hostel Cost

When you finally reach your destination, it is possible to negotiate an exchange for hostel cost with labor. If the deal works, you can get free accommodation and travel to different places during your free time. 

Get Some Casual Job

While abroad, you can make ends meet by picking short term jobs such as fruit picking, bartender, or waitress/ waiter for sustenance. You can, therefore, work your way around the world by taking up such jobs.

Take Part in Contests

Nowadays, there are many travel contests up for grabs. For instance, travel writing or photography contests can win a paid trip abroad.

Become a Tour Guide

With this job, you’re almost guaranteed to travel widely for free. That’s because you will go to many places showing tourists around.

These are some of the non-obvious ways you can travel the world for free. If you wish to travel but have limited resources, try some of these to see if you’re lucky to travel the world for free.