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The Ultimate Checklist When Choosing Travel Insurance

Posted on 16 October 2018 by (0)

When it comes to choosing travel insurance, you want to get the most out of your policy. However, determining the most appropriate cover for you can be overwhelming. Here are tips to help you determine which travel insurance policy is ideal for you.

Does it Cover All Your Destinations?

If you intend to go on holiday to a single destination, determining whether a policy is ideal for you might be easy. However, if you intend to travel to several destinations, ensure that the policy covers them all. Make sure that the covered destinations include all places that you want to stop over or visit as part of your tour or trip.

Does the Insurance Policy Provide the Right Medical Cover Level?

Understanding the medical cover level and circumstances under which the cover applies is very important. It’s also important that you confirm that your travel insurance covers a pre-existing condition that you might have. What’s more, know the excesses that you may have to pay before you buy the insurance.

How Much Belongings and Baggage Does the Insurance Cover?

In most cases, travel insurance covers some personal belongings. However, it’s important that you know the level of coverage for personal belongings that the insurance provides. Is it sufficient to protect your belongings and baggage? If not, consider upgrading or changing the policy.

Does the Insurance Cover Cancellations?

If you cancel your trip, will you get your money back? Unexpected events can lead to the cancellation of a trip. It’s important to know whether the travel insurance that you choose covers trip cancellation. You might be allowed to claim the funds for the cancelled flight, car hire, accommodation, and tour bookings among others with some policies.

Activities and Sports

Will you be covered by your travel insurance if you are injured while traveling or engaging in certain activities? Activities like water rafting and motorcycling come with some risks. If you intend to engage in such activities, find out whether your travel insurance will cover you.

This is not a definitive checklist for choosing travel insurance. However, it should give you ideas on the areas to look when buying your travel insurance policy.