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Tips for Traveling with Cancer

Posted on 06 April 2019 by (0)

Everybody loves traveling even people with cancer. But, just like other diseases, cancer patients should take precautions when traveling. Here are tips to guide you if you or a loved one suffers from cancer and you want to travel.

Talk to Your Doctor

Before you travel, see your doctor. Your doctor will determine if traveling is safe for you. They will also guide you on the precautions to take when traveling. If you fall sick, your doctor will guide you on what to do. They will also recommend vaccinations and the travel insurance to take before you travel.

Research Your Travel Destination

Your immune system can be weakened by cancer treatments like radiation therapy, steroid therapy and chemotherapy. These can also limit vaccinations’ effectiveness. When traveling to some places, cancer patients are advised to receive certain vaccinations. Therefore, conduct some research to know the vaccinations that you should receive depending on your travel destination.

Protect Your Skin

Radiation therapy and chemotherapy can make your skin sensitive to damage by the sun. It’s therefore advisable that you protect your skin when you travel. Ideally, avoid exposing your skin to direct sun when traveling.

Take Care of Your Medication

Treat your prescription medication carefully. Keep them in the carry-on bag and have enough medication to last your entire trip. Also have a note from your doctor to explain your special supplies.

Take Precaution

Cancer patients should take health precautions whether traveling or not. That’s because they undergo treatments that can compromise their immune systems. Therefore, they should always take health precautions to avoid things that can comprise their systems further.

In addition to these tips, it’s important to buy travel insurance. This will enable you to get any assistance you may need while traveling. Also keep in touch with your doctor in case you develop complications while traveling.